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Market research is in the midst of massive transformation. As extreme limitations continue to impact the ability to hold in-person focus groups, the online panel industry has taken off, driving unprecedented interest—and unprecedented challenges.

The upside is clear, especially in this day and age. Online research panels offer a quick and cost-effective way to perform market research, boosting accessibility by meeting customers where they’re spending more and more of their time. They’re also faster and more convenient than typical field surveys and face-to-face interactions, further increasing their value. 

But speed isn’t everything. In order to generate valid, high-quality survey results, panel operators need strategies in place to maximize panelist engagement and optimize incentives. VectorScient can help with that.

Achieve required completes
within the shortest time

Optimize incentives to achieve
the most completes while
being profitable

Maximize utilization and
minimize vendor dependency

Key Challenges &

The core challenges facing market researchers today are directly tied to understanding individual panel respondents. Armed with historical performance data, participation and completion rates, and other variables, market researchers can be confident in the efficacy and validity of each and every panel. 

Solution Areas

VectorScient offers the following solutions, optimized for online panel operators

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