The recommendation engine

What is PredictAlly™?

PredictAlly™ is a modern, cloud-native, prescriptive recommendation software built to accelerate your value journey.

PredictAlly™ transforms raw data into deeply relevant, high-value insights and prescriptive recommendations.

With built-in mechanisms for measuring predictive accuracy and detecting model retraining needs, PredictAlly™ delivers highly accurate predictions around customer behavior, loyalty and customer acquisition consistently.


PredictAlly™ for each Solution

Every industry faces unique challenges. The same goes for every business. You’re unique in how you innovate, market, service, and sell to your customers—and you have a unique competitive advantage. You deserve a customer-centric solution to match.

PredictAlly™ is a prescriptive recommendation engine that can be uniquely tailored to boost the business of every organization across marketing, sales, and supply chain management.  Built around the AIIR™ platform’s core data science and machine learning capabilities, PredictAlly™ automates the entire pipeline to deliver purpose-built, business-ready solutions to organizations across a wide variety of industries.

Implementing PredictAlly™

Initial Implementation - Approx. 3 - 5 weeks

PredictAlly™ is designed to deliver value quickly. In fact, you’ll start seeing improvements in business performance and outcomes in a matter of weeks.

By automating the most time-consuming tasks and incorporating a detailed data science audit, as well as exhaustive backtesting, PredictAlly™ can be implemented in just weeks. Compare that to similar, enterprise-strength data science solutions, which take anywhere from 6-15 months to implement and carry a significant risk of cost and time escalations.

Some implementations may take longer, depending on the number of data sources that need to be integrated or other special considerations.

Your business with PredictAlly™:

Your data evolves by the hour, changing as new orders come in, orders get shipped, new customers buy your products, email campaigns are sent, and other data changes across your business

PredictAlly™ pulls in your daily changed data via our automated ELT (Extraction, Load, Transformation) engine. The daily automation processes, stages, cleans and organizes the data.

New data is analyzed holistically and incrementally. Prescriptive recommendations are updated and sent to your designated target applications. Updates are also reflected in the exclusive visualization dashboard we set up for you.

Getting prescriptive recommendations from PredictAlly™:

PredictAlly™ recommendations have a 2-prong delivery via our REST API integrations.


Proactive, actionable recommendations that are loaded into your transactional operations application.


A standard out-of-the-box visualization dashboard with our KPIs for each solution. This provides a holistic view of your business health, helping you make strategic decisions more confidently and measure what you have actioned.


Certified Integrations

PredictAlly™ integrates with dozens of applications. If you don’t see your application listed here, don’t worry
- any other API-enabled application can be integrated within a few days at no extra cost to you. .

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