Written by Veda Konduru Oct 5, 2020

Have you heard about Predictive Marketing Campaigns?

Are you an E-Commerce or Retail Marketer who runs Email or Catalog campaigns for your Organization?
Are you looking to increase your revenue?
I bet, you must have tried many ways to accomplish that objective but does it seem hard?

Necessity is the mother of invention” – Greek philosopher, Plato

Oftentimes, our problems are not new but our drive or serious need would force us to look for resolve that often is novel / radical/ transformational for a remarkable outcome. And the topic we are about to discuss today, is one such novel approach for our modern times.

Let’s dive into this and find out.

Is it for you?

Let’s do a quick litmus test.

  • You have humongous data or Customer purchase history but you truly do not know what your Customers’ interests are?
  • You think there should be a way to get meaningful insights into, what you already have but don’t exactly know how or where to start?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to both, Bingo!

This is written for you. Please read further.

What is at stake?

It is only common sense to say that we should be able to do some analysis on the data captured for better insights. Huge business benefits are at stake in not discovering your data.

What must you know?

Let’s break this down into 3 broad steps of

Know. Act. Gain.



Know: Using Data mining leveraging statistical, quantitative analysis, you would get first level insights into, who is doing the most purchases or who is purchasing more frequently etc.,

  • Aggregated statistics and numbers.
  • A quantitative analysis of average order value, number of purchases made etc.,

Does this tell you enough, much less anything about each individual customer?


So, what’s next from here? Most likely, you will not be able to act tangibly based on the above analysis alone at least for the objective we have, at hand. So, let’s see what else we can dig further!

Second level knowing: With the broad assumptions of a consumer’s buying philosophy, we have specialized techniques to unpack each individual customer’s life cycle by generating Customer Life Time value, Life time duration and other derivatives based on the data facts and first level derivatives.

Does this give us enough insights to act tactically for purchase response rates?


It would certainly help with strategic planning for your Marketing roadmap and vision but does not help with taking a tactical action of sending a campaign or not. Let’s see what else we can dig further.

Third level knowing:  We can run predictions to know the maximum likelihood of repeat purchase/purchase likelihood with the help of previously gained insights.

Now that you know who might/might not buy most likely and everything between, you now have the fullest insight into each individual Customer to be able to act on it.


Simply put, by applying your business considerations of budget and other dependent processes or constraints, you may now be able to pick and choose a subset of population that is most likely to buy and run your Email or Catalog campaigns.


As you would guess, with increased, deep knowing of your Customer and their purchase likelihood, you now have increased your ability to increase response rates resulting into increased Sales.

In summary, with Predictive Marketing Campaigns, you have the best chance to increase response rates and thereby grow revenue remarkably and measure the success tangibly.

There are more advanced steps for running Predictive Marketing Campaigns. We will discuss the Customer Personas, Hyper-targeting etc., in our next blog.

Thank you for your attention and time! If you liked this post, please share it with your network or comment here or contact me if you have any question on this topic.

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