November 2020

Predictive Analytics: 3 Things You Should Know

BY Suresh Chaganti Nov 23, 2020

  Predictive Analytics: 3 Things You Should Know   Many organizations make decisions based on historical data. In fact, Trend Analytics form the bedrock of all Business Intelligence tools. Businesses spend enormous resources in building Data Warehouses that house historical data. Executives...

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Predictive Marketing 1.4: Life Time Value

BY Veda Konduru Nov 16, 2020

"Customer Life Time Value" Also Known As "CLV" In this blog series in previous posts, we have reviewed the importance of Hyper-targeting, Channel attribution, Personas, and contexts. Today, let's review how CLV plays a key role and what are the...

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Data Strategy for Predictive Marketing Campaigns

BY Suresh Chaganti Nov 2, 2020

Data Foundation for wider Marketing Outreach You need a strong data foundation to support your Marketing outreach. Predictive Customer Segmentation is one of the most effective tools available, to precisely target prospective customers. Predictive Customer Segmentation needs rich data. To...

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