Profitable Growth for E-Commerce: The Definitive Guide

BY Suresh Chaganti Feb 25, 2021

Profitable growth is all about making sure that your E-Commerce business grows in a sustainable and healthy way. Learn strategies for growing your revenue while maintaining profitability.

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Marketing Performance Estimator for E-Commerce

BY Suresh Chaganti Feb 14, 2021

The Marketing Performance Estimator is designed for business leaders responsible for running profitable e-commerce businesses. With just a few simple inputs, the estimator can help you identify which aspects of...

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3 ways data quality impacts Predictive Analytics

BY Suresh Chaganti Dec 28, 2020

3 ways data quality impacts Predictive Analytics The era of Big Data has given rise to a major misconception – the idea that data volume alone can provide marketers with a clear picture of an individual. That’s simply wrong. Having...

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How to take advantage of AI

BY Suresh Chaganti Dec 21, 2020

How to take advantage of AI: 4 signs you’re ready to make the jump Predictive marketing campaigns are the next frontier for marketers seeking to acquire new customers and maximize the lifetime value of their existing customers. Why? AI driven campaigns...

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