Written by Veda Konduru Jan 4, 2021

Understanding your customers is imperative to business growth. The direct impact is on the increased click through rates, sales and net promoter scores.

These are the 6 dimensions through which we can understand the customers. But the exercise should be driven by specific business objectives. Otherwise it could be like boiling the ocean.

Six Dimensions of Customer Understanding

Understanding each dimensions comes with finely crafted questions – when answered will drive the strategy to achieve the business objective. For example, each of these hypothesis could be proved or disproved

  1. I need to have direct mail campaigns to reinforce the Email campaigns.
  2. Free shipping is required to maximize the conversions
  3. I need to send email campaign X times a week to drive sales

Essentially, create a business hypothesis and pick a set of relevant dimensions that will help you precisely evaluate the hypothesis.

Have a business hypothesis or a goal, and tie it with a combination of customer dimensions to analyze. This forms the basis for deeper customer understanding . The hyper-personalization naturally follows.

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