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Marketing Performance Estimator for E-Commerce

BY Suresh Chaganti Feb 14, 2021

The Marketing Performance Estimator is designed for business leaders responsible for running profitable e-commerce businesses. With just a few simple inputs, the estimator can help you identify which aspects of...

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The missing link between Marketing Strategy and Execution.

BY Veda Konduru Jan 11, 2021

Marketing 101 principles: Right Product, Right Promotion, Right Timing. As a marketing leader, you are not here to learn anything you’re already aware of. You are adept as a marketer...

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The 6 Dimensions of Customer Understanding

BY Veda Konduru Jan 4, 2021

Understanding your customers is imperative to business growth. The direct impact is on the increased click through rates, sales and net promoter scores. These are the 6 dimensions through which...

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