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Why are Core Insights important?

As an analytics leader, you’re focused on bringing game-changing perspectives to your business and elevating business performance. That’s easier said than done. Odds are, your team is sinking a lot of time into data integration, data engineering, and data validation tasks, reducing your ability to focus on the promise of your work—the analysis and interpretation that allows you to deliver Core Insights to company leadership and accelerate time to value.

The Challenge we see

Forward thinking business teams look to their analytics counterparts to help them be agile. They trust you to test the effect of a promotion on sales lift, determine how new products will impact existing products, predict the results of a change in return policies, and so much more. 

There’s always a gap between their demands and the resources your team has to deliver on those rising expectations. Business leaders need more insights, and faster.

But standing up an entire project pipeline to perform quick business experiments is a daunting task, and a quick way to burn out even the most talented in-house teams. We can help you manage that.

The VectorScient Solution

Core Insights are an analytics team’s best friend. In shifting the most complex and time-consuming elements of the analytics pipeline to VectorScient, you’ll get the highly relevant insights you need in the timeline you need them.

In fact, Core Insights can help an analytics team reduce the time and effort needed to complete marketing analytics projects by more than 70%. 

There are a number of ways you can use Core Insights, including to determine:

  • The impact of customer complaints on purchase decisions
  • The impact of customer fatigue caused by over campaigning on sales
  • The impact of promotions on sales
  • The impact of a new product introduction on other products
  • The impact of any custom event on sales

What do Core Insights include?

Overview of Core Insights

Core Insights include deep analytical insights for each of the critical dimensions of Customer, Channel, Product, Panelist spanning four distinct industries of E-Commerce, Consumer Products, Omni-Channel Retail, and Online Research Panels. Five solutions are delivered via API to any chosen application.

  • Customer
  • Product
  • Channel
  • Panelist
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Customer Insights

The customer is the focal point of analysis. Customers are deeply analyzed for any given area of interest (Promotion, product purchases, customer complaints, etc.) and dozens of powerful insights are generated and delivered. Each insight offers a unique signal describing the customer, continuing to get better over time. A subset of these insights can be used to serve a wide variety of business analytical objectives.

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Channel Insights

Your channel is the focal point of analysis. All relevant analyses on each channel are delivered in the form of powerful insights and metrics.

  • Channel performance insights
  • Channel attribution insights
  • Channel profitability insights
  • Channel-Customer dynamics and personas
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Product Insights

Product is the focal point of analysis. The hierarchy of products, variants, and SKUs are analyzed to offer deeper insight into a product, its associated revenue, and more.

  • Product performance insights
  • Product lifecycle insights
  • Product-revenue longtail insights
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Panelist Insights

The panelist is the focal point of analysis. Each panelist is studied to determine their profile and survey activity patterns. Dozens of deep insights describing each panelist in a unique, mutually exclusive signal are generated and annotated for your use.

  • Panelist survey activity insights
  • Panelist profile and survey topic interests
  • Panelist redemption insights
  • Panelist motivation insights
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Insights that matter

Highly relevant, deep, and precise insights.

Less heavy lifting

VectorScient performs all of the data integration and data engineering.

Accelerated value

Reduce time to implementation by more than 70%

Increased agility

Reusable Core Insights to support a variety of business objectives.

Seamless integration

Call Core Insights using REST API into any step of your analytics pipeline to build further.

Ready to use and explore

Integrate with your existing visualization tools to view Core Insights and perform follow-up data exploration and analysis.

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