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Why is effective merchandising important?

Merchandising decisions are at the heart of retailing, from product assortment planning to pricing strategies and promotional activities. That remains true despite the continued shift towards e-commerce, where consumers’ adoption of online shopping has only heightened the importance of online merchandising activities. As retailers work to balance shopper convenience with the experience of shopping in brick and mortar locations, it will be essential to intelligently localize the in-store product assortment and create a space that fulfills their transactional, experiential, and branding needs.

Tomorrow’s retail leaders will excel by infusing speed, agility, and digital technology— informed by advanced analytics and machine learning models—into their physical and digital merchandising decisions.

35% of Amazon’s Annual NPI revenue is generated by its recommendation engine

Personalized product recommendations can improve cart abandonment by 4.35%

The Challenge we see

Getting prospective customers to stores—whether online or in-person—is tough enough. That makes every missed sale a big missed opportunity. 

Poor sell-through at the store level is typically a reflection of suboptimal pricing and promotion strategies and/or inventory imbalances across stores and channels. Left unaddressed, those problems will keep contributing to missed sales and dragging profitability down.

The VectorScient Solution

PredictAlly™ for Merchandising provides prescriptive recommendations to maximize sales with optimal pricing, promotion, and inventory strategies. 

Solution Components

PredictAlly™ provides carefully vetted insights via two distinct paths:

Effective tactical
merchandising decisions

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Strategic insights
and measurement

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Predictive recommendations for tactical
merchandising decisions

Predicted demand for each SKU—by sales channel, store, and website

Inventory recommendations
to match demand for each SKU

Recommended promotions at
the website and store level

Recommended product assortments at the website and store level

Analysis of abandoned carts to understand root causes—inventory availability, pricing, etc.

A strategic compass for gauging holistic
merchandising performance

Merchandising Dashboard

A visualization dashboard tracking all relevant KPIs to help you determine the overall health of your merchandising, supported by various underlying metrics as building blocks.

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Lost Sales

Lost Sales shows the demand that could not be fulfilled due to a lack of available inventory.

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At-Risk Products

“At-Risk Products”  highlights products at risk of experiencing a stockout situation.

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At-Risk Locations

“At-Risk Locations” highlights locations at risk of experiencing a stockout situation.

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Price - Assortment Mismatch

Price – Assortment Mismatch shows product categories that are overweight or underweight with respect to demand.

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