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It doesn’t matter how much data you have if your team doesn’t understand how to use it. At VectorScient, we help you translate insight into action, developing data-based recommendations that lead to real business impact. 

After all, the recommendations powered by our PredictAlly™ platform aren’t designed to just sit in dashboards or solidify stakeholder presentations—they’re built to make an immediate difference. 


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Our Platform and Products

Every tool we offer and insight we provide is powered by PredictAlly™, our proprietary, cloud-based platform designed to help you better understand your customer.

The culmination of decades of data science expertise and years of fine-tuning, PredictAlly evaluates data from across your marketing ecosystem to deliver smart, actionable recommendations in just weeks, no special software or training required. Best of all, the platform can be custom-tailored to your business, ensuring insights remain personalized and aligned with your goals. 

Our philosophy

At VectorScient, we believe the customer is at the center of every enterprise.

That’s why every recommendation we provide is rooted in a deep understanding of your customer—their needs, their desires, their preferences, and even their challenges. Whether you’re facing a critical decision regarding your marketing strategy or exploring new ways to foster customer loyalty, our products and solutions can help you understand your customer—and your path forward. 

Real Stories from Real Customers

Hear from current and former customers how VectorScient can help transform your business into an intelligent enterprise. 

Learn how to reduce customer churn, win back lost customers, retain loyal customers, and gain insightful product and promotion recommendations so you can achieve game-changing outcomes. 

VectorScient has the involvement and drive to partner. This trait is rarely seen in a commercial engagement and is core to VectorScient's success. Another key trait is, partnering and taking ownership of the problem statement.
Dushyant Gupta
Executive Vice President, Borderless Access
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VectorScient has helped the Yetee get a handle on our email. With Vectorscient's machine learning we are always adapting our email lists, engaging our customers, and that has led to a positive sales increase of 34% for the Yetee.
Mike Mancuso
CEO, The Yetee
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VectorScient is responsive, fast, cooperative and invested in the outcome. A true partner.
Don Delzell
Vice President, E-Commerce, Surefit
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Our approach

Your business is unique. You deserve a product to match. Every solution we provide is rooted in your business and the distinct challenges you face. We start with your desired result and work backward, developing and implementing solutions that can flex and grow with your business without introducing new complexities, delays, or costs. 

The VectorScient Difference


It can take months to implement a valuable analytics program. PredictAlly™ can be implemented in just 2-4 weeks, delivering the fastest time to value in its class.


Garbage in, garbage out.
Our platform pulls all data capable of directly impacting your business objectives—from anywhere, at no additional cost—delivering only the predictive recommendations aligned to your goals.


Data alone doesn’t solve any problems.
Our team of experienced data scientists pores over your data to help separate signals from noise, extracting maximum value in the form of precise, predictive recommendations.


Insights can do more than tell a story.
We look beyond superficial and vanity metrics to actionable insights that help you spot problems and understand them, allowing you to ask the right questions and take the right actions. 

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