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What is AIIR™ ?

VectorScient’s Analyses, Insights, Interpretations, and Recommendations

VectorScient’s Analyses, Insights, Interpretations, and Recommendations (AIIR™) platform orchestrates the entire data science pipeline from data preparation to delivery, ultimately providing prescriptive, business-ready recommendations.

AIIR™ includes a full suite of proprietary toolkits, subroutines, utilities, algorithms, ensembles and solutions blueprints—united by one powerful engine—designed to transform detailed data into prescriptive recommendations.

Key Capabilities

    • Configurations to control every aspect of the pipeline
    • Adapt to any industry, solution and business use case
    • No coding required
    • Addresses data insufficiencies, accommodates imbalanced data sets, and spots outliers
    • Creates customer, product, and channel-oriented datasets for specific business objectives and solutions
    • Provides fast analysis of hundreds of millions to billions of records on VectorScient’s Google cloud platform
    • A proprietary insights engine providing various derivative insights about customers, products, channels, promotions, etc.
    • Automated routing into machine learning models as key variables 
    • Automated, intelligent routing to create final predictive insights—outcomes that are interpreted for business use
    • Backtests with finalized models to assess the accuracy and continue iteration if necessary, ensuring the final model offers high confidence predictions
    • A proprietary recommendations engine that post-processes all predictive outcomes, using the interpretations to resolve the hypotheses created in earlier stages 
    • API-enabled integrations to deliver prescriptive recommendations to transactional applications
    • An API-enabled reporting layer that powers dashboards and any third-party visualization tool
  • Configurations to control every aspect of the pipeline
  • Adapt to any industry, solution and business use case
  • No coding required


AIIR™ brings an unmatched predictive modeling ability with iterative tuning, delivering highly accurate and deeply relevant recommendations with precision. With due diligence throughout the entire process, AIIR™ can bring significant value and impact to your business. AIIR™ can deliver the following benefits:

Faster Time to Value

Deploy business-ready data science solutions in a matter of weeks—not months or years.

Freedom to focus

Leave the most time consuming tasks, like data integration and data engineering, to VectorScient.


Gain granular insights and provide your internal data scientists with the information they need to create purpose-built machine learning models.


Process millions to billions of records without setting up distributed architectures

Leave no data behind

Use our universal ETL adapters to include the data that matters most to your business, no matter where it comes from

100% Configurable

Customize your data treatment in a way that suits your unique business needs.

AIIR™ in action

PredictAlly™, VectorScient’s predictive recommendation software, is an instance of the AIIR™ platform. PredictAlly™ is available for multiple solution areas across several industries, and all AIIR™ outputs are embedded in the PredictAlly™ pipeline. AIIR™ powers new solutions and can be configured to serve custom business needs.

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