Customer Life Time Value

Profitable Growth for E-Commerce: The Definitive Guide

BY Suresh Chaganti Feb 25, 2021

Profitable growth is all about making sure that your E-Commerce business grows in a sustainable and healthy way. Learn strategies for growing your revenue while maintaining profitability.

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Predictive Marketing 1.4: Life Time Value

BY Veda Konduru Nov 16, 2020

"Customer Life Time Value" Also Known As "CLV" In this blog series in previous posts, we have reviewed the importance of Hyper-targeting, Channel attribution, Personas, and contexts. Today, let's review how CLV plays a key role and what are the...

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Data is Omnipresent

BY Suresh Chaganti Sep 28, 2020

    With the explosion of Social Media channels, even small businesses are capturing large volumes of data. We hoard terabytes of data, but is there something valuable in it? The clutter is mind boggling. A “Big Data” project seems...

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